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The solution against counterfeiting of medicines

Everywhere in the market you hear about companies that do their utmost to prevent tampering with and counterfeiting of their products.
This is a serious threat to (pharmaceutical) companies.

You might be familiar with Connexions’ concept for additional safety to glass vials (or else, see page “preforms”).
We can help you to create a more safe handling of vials that for instance are filled with oncological medicine or have a nuclear or toxic content.
Our concept is based up on the complete encapsulation of the glass vial by a shrink sleeve and added to this a rigid base cap or an adhesive label.
By adding our concept to your product, the risk of breakage of your products is reduced to practically zero. In case the vial breaks anyway, the content is not shattered across the floor. It remains a compact package.
Second, with the encapsulation you protect all personnel that handles the vials against the contamination that possibly has been spilled on the outside of the vial. Even after washing of the vials there is still a risk of residual product on the outside of the vial.
Although this contamination is only present in Nano grams it is a potential risk for people handling the vials.
Third, our concept prevents tampering with labels as they are encapsulated too.
Finally, we can also apply it for tamper evident purpose on the caps of vials.
The extra protection is applied by means of so called preforms after the filling and closing of the vials.

In addition to that, our latest development is a preform, that is made out of a sleeve with a unique holographic print (customers’ logo in unique design) and a basecap with or without an RF-chip in it. The RF-chip is not accessible without removing the (holographic) sleeve and can be placed invisible.
The sleeve material will be printed in presence of Connexion and Connexion will take all residual sleeves and waste with us for regulated destruction.
When printed, along with the printed sleeves Connexion takes the printing cylinders with us for storage in a safe place.
This way, we can guarantee that there will never be sleeves with your unique print showing up somewhere, and therefore no preforms too.
When we produce the preforms, we solely use the printed sleeves so this results in a 100% proof of originality.
And we believe that this is what pharmaceutical companies are concerned of most at this moment.

So if you want to be absolutely sure that no one misuses your brand and good reputation for products of inferior quality, we will be happy to send you more information about our concept. Just let us know !