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Health needs to be seen from a global perspective, focusing on the maintenance and improvement of public health and safety, as well as disease prevention. The use of hazardous and toxic drugs (eg. antineoplastic drugs and antibiotics) is becoming a greater risk, as shown by the increasing number of cancer cases, and the increase in immunity against antibiotics. When a generic pharmaceutical product is submitted to the authorities for review, it must demonstrate that it works and that the benefits outweigh the risks. One must conclude that the regulations guarantee a safe and effective medicine for the patient, but is it safe for everybody in the supply chain?

This is the moment Connexion can help in decreasing this risk of contamination and that of breakage and spilling, by providing vials with a unique protection. Connexion offers a complete service, with specialist knowledge in the protection of container vials and and injectable pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. We offer an effective combination of modular services: licensing, purchase and leasing, or a combination of these three. We guarantee a problem-free implementation of the technology into your production process; a dedicated team will support the installation and validation of the equipment.


Chemical packaging has always been a challenging task. When packaging a certain chemical compound, the number of options that one have is often quite a few. Plastics have been the primary packaging material, they are the safest. They prevent spillage, they are low cost and also can be reused. Connexion can supply you a full body or tamper evident sleeve for your product. Printed full body sleeves to let your product stand out, printed or non-printed sleeves for safety purposes (tamper evident). We offer a variety of solutions for the chemical industry.



Connexion is specialised in supplying sleeves for tamper evident and full body decorating purposes. The range of products to be sleeved can go up to your 8 liter jars.

High quality printing of the sleeves (necksleeves as well as fullbody sleeves) will make your product even more attractive.

Especially when high gloss silver / gold or holographic effects are used for your sleeves.



A preform is a pre-shrunk “container” made from shrink sleeve material and a basecap or adhesive label. The preform is especially designed to exactly fit any vial.

Preforms are placed up on a conveyor by an operator and filled vials are placed in to the preform. The preform with vial is transported through a hot air tunnel which finalizes the product by shrinking the sleeve to fit.

We have the knowledge and expertise to design our concept to fit your specific vial.

It is also possible to keep an agreed amount of consumables in stock for you so that when you run out of stock we can deliver on very short term.

All our preforms are produced in our validated, airconditioned cleanroom.