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Health needs to be seen from a global perspective, focusing on the maintenance and improvement of public health and safety, as well as disease prevention. The use of hazardous and toxic drugs (eg. antineoplastic drugs and antibiotics) is becoming a greater risk, as shown by the increasing number of cancer cases, and the increase in immunity against antibiotics. When a generic pharmaceutical product is submitted to the authorities for review, it must demonstrate that it works and that the benefits outweigh the risks. One must conclude that the regulations guarantee a safe and effective medicine for the patient, but is it safe for everybody in the supply chain?

This is the moment Connexion can help in decreasing this risk of contamination and that of breakage and spilling, by providing vials with a unique protection. Connexion offers a complete service, with specialist knowledge in the protection of container vials and and injectable pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. We offer an effective combination of modular services: licensing, purchase and leasing, or a combination of these three. We guarantee a problem-free implementation of the technology into your production process; a dedicated team will support the installation and validation of the equipment.